Drafting Legislation

  • 07/2018 – ongoing. Member of the Working Group on Drafting the National Legislation on the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Bulgarian Airspace.
  • 12/2017. Drafting an opinion to the Committee on Legal and Institutional Issues and the Committee on Professional Qualifications and Information Technologies at the Bulgarian Supreme Judicial Council on the requirements of the e-Justice regulatory framework and the obligations of the Supreme Judicial Council in this regard.
  • 07/2017. Drafting an opinion for the Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria on a Draft Law amending and supplementing the Administrative Procedure Code, signature 754-01-16, date of entry 01 June 2017, in the part related to Art. 18a on electronic communications.
  • 10/2016 – 08/2017, Member of the Working Groups at the Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria for Drafting the Secondary Legislation in e-Justice, namely:
    • Ordinance No. 4 of 16 March 2017 on the Keeping, Storing, and Access to the Register of Judicial Decisions;
    • Rules of Procedure for Use of eSignature and e-Identification by the Judicial Authorities (promulgated SG 32 from 21 April 2017);
    • Ordinance No. 5 of 1 June 2017 on the Organizational Procedures for Keeping and Access to Electronic Cases and Electronic Evidence as well as the Organizational Procedures for Internal Document Exchange and Storing of Other Information by the Judicial Administration; and
    • Ordinance No 6 of 3 August 2017 on the Procedure for Carrying out Procedural Acts and Authentication Statements in Electronic Form). Assignor: Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria.